9 de julio de 2010

An education~

A los tiempos~. Seh, no hay nada que postear lamentable, así que colocaré un ensayo que escribí sobre la película An Education. Muy buena aunque el final no me concordó mucho. 

En fin está en inglés, pero es para que esto no quede vacío y abandonado:

An Education

The connotations of the logic and the passion are very different. Logic calls us to be what we must be: a calm, reasonable, responsible, logic, and cultured person; but in the other side passion calls us to follow our emotions, our feelings, our desires. The life is really boring without risks, or excitements moments; however it isn’t treated just of this. The life treats about taking decisions, making our own choices, and having our own consequences.
But can a young mind make its own decisions? How much can be an adult influence in a teenager? We must recognized that the innocent of a young mind can be corrupted by another with many and not too good intentions, or can be corrupted by the extreme ideas and the predetermined thoughts of a specific society. And here is when the dilemma appears: Must we be controlled by the reason and have an unexciting life but with perspective on the future; or be controlled by the passion, thinking only on today and have the risk of destroy our life?

An Education, talks about all of these things from the perspective of a young girl of 16-years-old, Jenny, a student of a genteel London girls school who’s eager and impatient of a brilliant future that includes a place on Oxford university and also to be free from her striver parents, who are more determined for her to get in Oxford than she is; and from all the pressure, so she can be, read, listen, and wear whatever she wants.

But the destiny makes its own movements, and in rainstorm she meets David, a 30-years-old man, that tries to safe her cello of the rain. Also he introduces himself and helps her to arrive to home. Days later they meet each other again, and since that a strange relationship begins.
David shows Jenny a wonderful and glamorous world, full of parties, full of fun. So Jenny is totally trapped in his world, which includes Danny, his business partner, and Helen the pretty and vacuous Danny’s girlfriend.  As she entered on David’s world, she leaves all her customs, she stops to be a centered girl,  and also when she discovers the illegal business, of steal art from David and his friend; she eliminates all her moral believes an moral prejudices to follow David into a unlimited world, now as his girlfriend.

But Jenny isn’t an adult yet, in fact she still is a teenager; so she leaves under the rules of their parents. So, David delights her parents with his charm, allegedly stories, gifts, and many lies that Jenny supports. And with Jenny’s parents trust, they really can do anything. So, He invites Jenny to France. Jenny immediately accepts it, and David convinces her parents with more lies.

Into the trip, Jenny has her desired freedom. She wears what she wants; she can smoke, drink, sing, walk, and do what she desires with David. However, when she returns, she must decide between her passion and her change to go to Oxford, it means between David and the High School. She really has a dilemma. But at that moment David purposes her marriage. She doesn’t think and accepts it with great expectations of her new happy and excitement future with him, and she drops out of the school.

When she is prepared her marriage, she discovered the secret true of David. He is a married man. All her expectations are destroyed, and she doesn’t have a real future now.  She left the High School, and maybe she can’t enter the university. But after of despise and ignore all of the warnings of her favorite teacher, she returns to her. Jenny asks her for help, and she accepts because she loves Jenny as a daughter. So with her teacher’s help, she studies as much as she can, and finally she is accepted in Oxford as a new student. But she’s not a common student, because she fell, she learnt, and discovered that the world isn’t fair, it is cruel, and it is real.

Jenny represents many teenagers in many ways. Teenagers that lives today and don’t think about the future, that future that can decide our lives. We have to considerer that outside there is an unkind, unfair, but true world. And education isn’t just in books.

Aura Elustri málron,


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  1. An interesting essay you wrote, Aururu! Not all that shines is gold, and it has been pretty clear now to Jenny.

    So, the hidden message is "Look for a future"... Meh... That's just as mental as saying "Just live for today". People should aim to balance their current Life with their plans of the future, and not get stressed at all. A tiny step to you dreams is a sure path.

    Kind regards, hugs and kisses all the way to Ecuador (Even in English) ;)

    --Arminius, Lawyer of Insanity.

  2. Arminius! Thank you so much for comment! I'm not to good at English but anyway, you see. hehehehe.
    So you have reason maybe we shouldn't get stressed and just Live.

    Kisses for you too!,



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